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Fruits & Nuts Fusion

Tired of deciding between fruits or nuts? With Fruits & Nuts Fusion, we’ve created our very own unique blend of fruits AND nuts, just for you. A mix of natural lightly baked premium cashew nuts, almonds, pistachio kernels, roasted grams, golden raisins and sun dried figs, Fruits & Nuts Fusion offers you the best of both worlds! It comes with a re-sealable pack, with golden raisins are separately packed to retain freshness of both nuts mix and raisins. The Fruits & Nuts Fusion pack is packed in a resealable packaging.

Fun Fact: Chickpeas (Grams) are the second most widely grown legumes in the world. The only legumes that are grown more than chickpeas are soybeans.

Product Highlights:
✔ Includes raisins, cashew nuts, almonds, dried figs, roasted grams and pistachio kernels
✔ Naturally cholesterol free
✔ Trans Fat Free
✔ Source of Protein & Dietary Fibre

Grammage: 270g